U.S. Immigration


1) Select Which List of Reasons for Immigration to the U.S. contains only correct reasons:

A)   Government, Religion, Vacation, Job Opportunities
B)   Religion, Job Opportunities, To Catch a Plane, War
War, Domestic Violence, Religion, Love 

2) What was the role of Ellis Island:

A)   Great amusement park 
B)   Where immigrants could legally enter the U.S. 
C)   Great beach 
D)   To get a passport

3)  What was the role of the Statue of Liberty:

A)  Symbolize freedom and liberty
B)   Site for tourists
C)   Be the largest statue in the world 

4) Which answer gives a way that cannot guarantee a person U.S. Citizenship:

A)   Greencard
B)   Marriage
C)  Getting a job

5) Name the country from which the majority of legal U.S. Immigrants are from:

A)   Mexico 
B)   Australia   
C)  United Kingdom